The Sciacca Coral Consortium

emerges from the will and determination of its founders, the coral craftsmen and women of Sciacca,
and sets as its first priority the protection and enhancement of Sciacca Coral,
a type of coral with unique features found nowhere else in the the world, as now officially recognised by Regione Sicilia.

The Consortium intends to underline how it belongs, and is connected to a territory, Sciacca,
whose history and traditions it hopes to advance and enhance,
safeguarding in particular the excellence of the local craftsmanship which finds its high point in the ancient art of working coral.
The techniques of the workmanship of an iridescent material like Mediterranean coral have been passed down over generations
and have found amongst the craftsmen and women of the Consortium exceptional practitioners in the Sicilian tradition,
able to combine it to individual creativity and contemporary taste.

Five local companies and workshops united by the same values and professionalism in working the coral:
G&M Gioielli Caruana, Maurizio Alfeo, Nocito, Oro di Sciacca, Sabrina Orafa in Sciacca.