Maurizio Alfeo

Maurizio Alfeo was still very young when he moved from Palermo to Sciacca, and from an early age worked at his father’s goldsmith’s, founded in 1977 and one of the first in the town, where he learnt from the latter all the craftwork techniques for the working and repair of jewels and coral.

In 1989 ownership of his father’s business passed on to him and in 1997 he inaugurated the sales outlet creating his own jewels using to advantage what he had learnt from his father. Along with his wife, creative eye of the company and a specialist in precious stones, he makes authentic and original pieces that maintain the sense of tradition combined with modern tastes.

The distinctive feature of Maurizio Alfeo’s jewellery is that the jewels are entirely handmade, eschewing the use of moulds or casting, or the help of modern machinery, using only traditional craftsman’s tools. The handworked coral is combined with sapphires, pearls, emeralds, onyx and diamonds.

The fascination of tradition is especially revived in his old style jewels, redolent of 16th century Sicilian craftwork, and shown once again in all its splendour in Alfeo’s showcases. These creations, made using the oldest techniques, are in gold and silver with diamonds and gems of various colours, expressing in there tradition and various shapes a rare elegance. By restyling old jewels, the style which is rooted in Sicilian history and tradition is allied to contemporary taste and originality.