The Nocito jewellery company is rooted in four generations of love for beauty. The foundation of the city’s oldest jeweller’s by the great-grandmother of the three siblings who manage the business now, with the support of their father Giuseppe, an engineer and historian of coral, goes back to the early 20th century, when Sciacca coral first appeared on the scene.

When the old family-owned company was re-established, under the artistic direction of Laura, with her prestigious curriculum as a designer, goldsmith and coral work teacher, and restorer of antique jewellery, the experience and gemology skills of Velia, GIA Graduate Gemologist, and the company management in the hands of Mario, an engineer, the three siblings set out on an intense cultural journey with the University of Palermo, for the rediscovery of the ancient tradition of Sicilian gold and coral working.

Today, Nocito is a modern jewellery company, well known and respected in foreign markets, specializing in the creation of fine jewellery in the form of unique pieces or strictly limited series, made with the age-old secret arts of Sicilian goldsmiths. Their soul remains inextricably linked to coral. This they use for their most beautiful jewels, repeating the old forms of the great masters of the past and reinterpreting coral in a new and original way.


  • Artisans at work during the coral cleaning phase.
    Just after it is caught, the Sciacca Coral presents mud and calcareous crusts that make it look brown/grey. This is because it has spent a lot of time submerged in the sea bottom.
    Thanks to an accurate cleaning, its beautiful salmon-orange color comes to life.

  • The incision phase.
    Our coral’s extraordinary quality and compactness guarantee a perfect incision. Its natural, different shapes stand as an incentive for our artisans to look for the design that best represents the original coral form. In the picture you can see as the specific coral structure is the base for creating a beautiful flower.

  • Coral’s colors combination.
    The delicate Sciacca Coral’s color is perfect to be matched with the most precious gems. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies create with our coral a perfect chromatic armony. In the picture you can see the delicate Sciacca Coral’s drops in a refined choker made by white gold, diamonds and emeralds.

  • The mount phase.
    This is the most crucial phase in the jewels production. The Nocito is capable to excel in this phase thanks to the expertise of its goldsmith work teachers. Moreover, the Nocito looks for and uses only the purest rocks that are imported from their countries of origin.