Oro di Sciacca

The Contis have been a family of jewellers since 1980. During its time as a family run jeweller’s, an interest in the traditions of Sicily led the paterfamilias, Giuseppe, known as Pippo, to approach the study of coral.

Animated by a strong sense of its history, and fascinated by its changing forms, Giuseppe Conti began a careful investigation of Sicilian coral, and particularly the unique and inimitable coral found on his own doorstep: the coral of Sciacca.

Thanks to Giuseppe’s vision and commitment, the master goldsmiths in the family workshop have learnt, and made their own, the ancient techniques of working gold and coral taken from Sicilian tradition, so becoming a unique cornerstone in the world of ancient and traditional workmanship.

The Conti Creazioni workshop is one of the very rare centres of gold and coral workmanship capable of engraving the coral bequeathed by nature centuries ago to Sicilian shores. Bringing the coral of Sciacca back to its ancient splendour, jewels of extraordinary beauty are realised.

Website: www.orodisciacca.it

  • Having recovered traditional skills and knowledge, today the master goldsmiths of the Conti Creazioni laboratory produce magnificent coral artefacts where the echoes of the ancient splendour combine with present-day processing techniques and taste.

  • The laboratory can carry out all the phases of gold and coral jewel manufacturing: from cutting to engraving, from polishing to composition.

  • With meticulous care, the tiny coral branches are cut, rounded off and processed one by one and, lastly, combined together in the most varied and original creations.

  • Products are entirely handcrafted. The masters’ skilled hands, therefore, bring coral back to its original splendour through then
    most ancient engraving techniques.