Sabrina is a respected Sicilian goldsmith, of exceptional creative talent, who lives and works in Sciacca in Sicily. She started on her own in 1990, after working with some of the most important Sicilian and Calabrian gold workshops.

Her speciality is the conception of absolutely up to date jewels, but with classical reminiscences. Sabrina shows, in the creation of her original and elegant jewellery, a particular talent in aligning Sciacca coral to gems and precious materials.

Indeed, for years she has conducted an extremely original line of research: corals, pearls, ambers, jades and ivories are allied to gems, gold and various other materials. All this confers on her jewels a unique taste and refinement, inasmuch as they are always customised to fit the requirements of the women who will wear them. One can also see the influences of old Arab and Sicilian tradition in her inspiration.

This magic alchemy of diverse reminiscences and elements today make Sabrina’s creations admired and sought after in Italy and abroad.